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Elizabeth Heiskell Catering

On its 22nd year,

Elizabeth Heiskell Catering

offers southern decadence all across the south. From weddings to dinner parties, Elizabeth serves for any and every occasion.

Food & Fun

Elizabeth wants to make sure food and fun go hand in hand– food is meant to feed the masses, but why not make it unforgettable! Check out some of her innovative creations


Elizabeth is THE hostess! From catering special events to talking about her business and life, she can grab the attention of any crowd and leave them laughing for hours.

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Come on over

Southern delicious for everyday and every occasion

Elizabeth Heiskell: My journey with breast cancer

Elizabeth Heiskell says breast cancer wasn’t on her radar ‘at all’

"You don’t get to choose if you get cancer, but you do get to choose how you experience this cancer journey. It is different for everyone, but I choose to search for joy and to lean into all the lessons that only moments like these can teach me."

Read the rest of Elizabeth's story of her journey here.

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